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fun and frustrating xD

This is the best story line i've read in a long time! The characters were amazing and quirky and just plain own lovable! Thank you so much for creating such an amazing game! It lifted my spirits to high heavens. Truly words can't express how much I loved it. 100%. I'll definitely check out anything you guys have out in the future if it happens. loved the game. 

So I finally, FINALLY downloaded this and am playing. I am excited and will be sure to leave you with a review soon~

Just finished the game, had all the three endings and the 4 achievements.

What can I say? I LOVED this game. It's just so sweet and cute...

I wish I could play more games like this one. Please, think about a sequel or other games like this.

Thank you!

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Thank you so much for playing (and your kind words) ^0^)/

Although a sequel is highly unlikely, I've been thinking about adding an 'Epilogue' of sorts in the game itself... like update it with dialogues only, possibly no new visuals. >.< But that idea is still in the works.

(Ps- The horrible dev apologizes for the late reply. T^T)

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Hahaha, they said it couldn't be done! They told me that the sister-zone would never be broken!

Well.. Look who was wrong... Heh.

VNs! Where the impossible becomes possible! Even though overly exaggerated, lol.

Thanks for playing ((and taking the time to leave me a line! ^O^))

(Ps- The horrible dev apologizes for the late reply. T^T)

You replied though! Thank you for taking the time to read my comment •∆•

Hi, thanks for sharing your game! LOVE it! Hope it was longer! And how I LOVE the kissing CG so very much!!! o(*////▽////*)q

Thank YOU for playing!!!! ^o^

I don't blame you! When the artist first sent me the illustration I was like "Woah!". And I may or may not have spent an hour or two panicking if this game was good enough to have them on board! >.<

(Ps- The horrible dev apologizes for the late reply. T^T)

Do you have any problems or policies regarding Let's Plays? This one in particular would be part of a series, only feature the first 2-3 hours of one route, and link back here. 

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Let's Plays are A-okay!~ (Though this reply probably took so long that you must have forgotten you even asked. Woops, irresponsible dev is irresponsible.)

That being said, if you do end up making on, please do give me a link to it. (Could do with some second hand embarrassment caused by my writing... or do you call this third hand? >.>)

OMG! Such a great game. I am so sad it's over. Please make more, I'm addicted! :3 <3<3<3

Thanks so much for playing! (and commenting!) I'll definitely make more! even if they take entire eternities to release!

(Ps- The horrible dev apologizes for the late reply. T^T)


* Dies from the cute *

*giggles like a crazy person*

Ps- Thanks for playing!! T^T

hehehe :D <3



Thank you so much for playing! (And commenting!) It give me life! T^T  AND DETERMINATION!
(Ps- The horrible dev apologizes for the late reply. T^T)

This was a wild ride, very fun! Atsuya's character had more depth than expected. Great job on this game! I loved how shady Shuna's character was, and I felt bad for the Fake Faceless Fiancé :'^( He was a nice guy.

I laughed a lot! Great job on this!

Thanks you so much for playing and taking the time to drop by! ^^

I'm really glad you liked them shady shady people. XD Noface is precious. He was supposed to have like what, a handful of lines... But he ran away with us. >.> Woops.

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orz i cant seem to get any endings except the bad ending? do you happen to have a guide anywhere? i really want to complete the game since it's so cute! T--T

First off, thanks for playing!

Second off, I typed up a guide.

Hoping this helps you get off the resentment path~! ^^ Please do drop by after completion. :3

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Hi there! I'm quite happy for being able to see a walkthrough here. :)

But after looking at it, I've noticed that I already followed Atsu's route correctly (even without the guide yet). However, I got the bad ending. Just to make sure, I've played the whole thing all over again (this time following the walkthrough for Atsu), but still got the same bad ending. What's happening??! T_T

It's past 2am and I'm thoroughly checking what's wrong with what I'm doing. I've replayed the game like 10 times already and still finds no luck. Is windows version broken or something? T_T

I just really feel frustrated, disheartened and insomniac about not knowing how to fix this. Fuuuuu. I super duper want to see the best end. Please help!! :'(

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Wah, I'm so sorry you went through all that trouble! The bad end was made so that it was the hardest to get unless you wee blatantly mean.

But I checked out the issue, and it's true there was a sliiighht little hitch in the coding side and all this happened because I typed the walkthrough from memory.

Anyways, will be uploading the fix soon.

For now, Quickfix, I've edited the walkthrough... T^T . (If you still have save files from your previous playthough, just choose one wrong option ie 3/4, so maybe Accuse the pink girl at the aquarium and it should lead you on Atsu's path)

(I wanted the good ending to be available even if one mistake was made, it ended up being that it would only show up IF that one mistake was made)

Again, really really REALLY sorry for all the trouble! I hope Atsu'll make up for it! T^T

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Hello again!! :D

Before anything else, I would like to thank you for your timely aid. I oh-soooo appreciate your concern towards me/us. Really, I send you my heartfelt thanks~ hugggs~ <3

You exactly know what this means... Bingo! I finally got Atsuya's ending!! (by following your new sets of instructions) and I have resurrected from the abyss of darkness, depression and suffering! XD I knew I sounded desperate during the time when I posted my sudden appealing for help here, feeling somewhat like bitter and eager for answers, but it doesn't change the fact that I unquestionably enjoyed your game (even when I was experiencing the bewilderment of not being able to escape the bad end). Everything about it is just awesomely addicting. From the art, to the settings, music, characters, events, etc., all of it!

The storyline sent me chills, in a good way though. During the start of the game, I was like "Meh. Another rich brat princess as heroine. So common.-__-" BUT I WAS SO SO WRONG. It was a huge mistake to even criticize it before finishing the entire game. Indeed, I came to love Shuna <3 She's not the typical demure, noble girl. Rather, she's actually a brave one, confrontational, forthright, cute and silly in many funny ways. In addition, it was my first time to fall in love with a nameless faceless man. LOL. As I dive more into the story, it was getting harder and harder for me to resist him. More likely because I admire the way he speaks, how he formally and gentlemanly utters archaic words. It's fascinating! Plus, he's really nice to everyone, no exceptions. Oh, he's just too adorable. o(>///<)o But hey, don't get me wrong. I like Atsuya a lot too! (that's why I made a fuss of getting here and asking for help, lols) His brotherly figure and character are definitely a thumbs up for me. (I personally want an older brother like hiiiiiim..!) I didn't know he's capable of being that pretentious, hiding the fact that he liked Shuna way way back then. (oops, spoilers) The relationship between the two them is magnificently precious and irreplaceable. Every dramatic moment hits my heart with pain and sometimes I feel stuffy and out of breath. (Yeah, I'm so into it. XD) Coupled with the hilarious events, not to mention realistic interactions between people in our generation, 101% perfection!!! <3

By the way, before playing this, I stumbled across Pastelrain (without even knowing it was you who made it too, ohooo) and tried to play it early in the afternoon yesterday. I had fun! Especially when I got the good end in the first run. Then that same day, during night time, I played this (Sisterzoned) and noticed the similarities. It was like a dejavu for me, or maybe I was imagining things, I thought at first. But the nostalgia was really nagging at me for real. Then bam! It hit me. The people behind these games must be the culprits. And viola! I was right on the mark. XD

Anyway, playing your games were super exhilarating. You're the greatest and best!!! I will continue to support you, your team and your upcoming games and projects! <3

OMG! This is actually one of the few vns I've played that made me feel satisfied with the ending! I actually got attached to the characters (more than I can say for some vns) You did an amazing job! The humor was good too! I'm totally checking out Pastel Rain next! I hope to see more from you! ^.^

Thank you so much for playing!!! (and dropping in ^O^)/

I'm really glad you enjoyed this game filled with silliness and nothing but. :3 I guess Pastel Rain is a little more serious? I really don't know, lol. But at the end of the day, thanks for your support! :3

Dude I just started this and oh God, as soon as the days changed it was kinda like how Persona 4 changes days, and I giggled at that. But I'm not sure if that was intentional by you, was it?? :o

The calendar was actually made *to* mimic Persona 4. But the thing is, it's a Creative Commons asset, so I deserve no actual credit for having made you laugh ^^

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It was cool to see that nonetheless! It actually made me want to play Persona 4 Golden again. (and I did end up playing it) But now I wanna finish your game, I'm really enjoying it so far ;)



Another update: I've gotten two endings (one ending with Shu getting reluctantly married with her stalker, and the other with Shu's and Atsuya's happy ending) but I'm having trouble figuring out the third one, could you give me a hint on how to get the third ending?? Thanks!

OMG NO! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR KIND WORDS! (*cough* Will stop caps spamming now) And no worries, virtual hugs count as more than enough. ^O^)/

---Ending spoiler (?)----

From what you're saying, I'm thinking you got the Atsu-end and the bad ending? Anyways, there's a kind of walkthrough, here. And hopefully that helps.

Thank you so much! I look forward to future games from you! ;)

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I'm so glad I downloaded this. It made me laugh so often that I found myself sharing parts of it with my friends who don't read VNs.


Some of my favorite parts where the stalker jokes for sad Fake Fiance who never gets a name, but made me hugely laugh when he suddenly ended up with a sprite at the end like she's finally seeing him clearly. I love seeing Shuna mature (when I pick the options for it), and also the flaws for Atsuya while he openly admits to manipulating her. Holy shit! And then she accepts it anyway. I also love how Nia calls them out on how weirdly co-dependent they are on each other. I guess basically what I really appreciate is that the behavior of the characters isn't just shrugged off as romantic and are actually portrayed as not good things.

Especially with how Shuna admits that she can't actually think of bad things about Nia, but that it just makes her mad that she isn't in Nia's position. And then we see flaws in Nia later on when she blames Shuna and Atsuya for making her feel as she does and frustrated, as though she didn't get herself involved in the first place. XD These are all really well rounded characters, for all that some of them are faceless side characters. ;D

I guess I should say something about Fake Fiance in that regards too! At first I was for sure on Atsuya's side, but then you really see how he isn't just mindlessly trying to force his feelings on Shuna, and ultimately seems to just want her to be happy, even going out of his way to help her achieve that happiness whether it's with him or someone else. Also him embracing the stalking jokes (as mentioned before) and even trying to be a little less formal with his speech.


So I'm really glad I downloaded this! For sure I'll be following your future endeavors. Also went and downloaded Pastel Rain. Thanks for making this game. <3

EDIT: OH, although I did notice that while the days change every day, that it remained Monday for the longest time... XD;

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Thank you so much for playing!!! <3

Reading this here comprehensive review made my day. No, really, this was the first thing I read after waking up this morning! ^^

I am really glad you enjoyed those small little details in regard to the dynamic between the two mains and the sides. The originally planned out scenario was half as long and the silhouettes were just that, insignificant little silhouettes... But as time progressed, they kind of just ran away with the plot. XD


And about the fake fiance suddenly getting a sprite... Godline and I were kind of bummed out that noface(what we call him) had no actual appearance the more we wrote for his path... and there was this issue of art styles clashing should we have included the current face for too long. So voila, enter plot point, lolol (Maybe such a spur of the moment reason shouldn't actually be revealed? XD XD)

Anyways, THANK YOU so much for your kind words and taking the time for this. I feel overjoyed, humbled and a bunch of other emotions at the same time. T^T

Edit- Omg, it's forever Monday!!! Will definitely get to fixing that and updating should a future release occur. Woops.

Edit2- Fixed the calendar issue in the new build. :3