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Plot Overview

Ai and Ren -not so voluntarily dubbed the 'love-love' twins have been inseparable since birth. Together all the time, encased in their little bubble. No one entered, no one left, and nothing else mattered. 
Then along comes Takuma, a persistent high school senior who was for some reason repeating the year.

Play as Taku, the happy-go-lucky charmer with a low-key violent side as he worms his way into Ren's closed-off heart.


  • BxB(Boy's-Love/Shounen-Ai)
  • 6 CGs
  • 23k-ish Words
  • 6 Achievements.
  • IntRenAiMo'19



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I thought that the story of this game was amazing!  It was so adorable! I love this game so much.  It was actually better than a couple other BL visual novels i'd played before that i'd spent money on!  I definitely am happy to have played it as it is so new!

Really cool and beautiful game ^^! I really got into the story and enjoyed playing it from the very beginning to the end :D, wonderful job ^w^!

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The premise of the game sounded interesting, so I decided to give it a try. I did NOT expect to love it as much as I do. I haven't even finished it yet (in fact, I think I'm still pretty early in), but I adore the characters and the relationships between them. GREAT writing and characterization!

Edit: Finished it. Loved it. Ren is adorable.

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Thank you for giving this game a chance and most importantly for taking the time to leave a review. This made my day.  I'm glad you liked it 

Also glad you liked Ren. I was wondering halfway through if he came across as too insufferable lol. 

Thanks again! 

I suppose he could come across that way to some people, but...he kinda reminds me of me, since I'm not very good with people either. ^_^;

One reason this story caught my eye was because it reminded me of one I've been writing on my own for the past few years (not for public consumption). My story involved a cheerful, happy-go-lucky guy take an interest in a depressed, quiet wallflower, and was largely about them becoming closer. The similarities definitely caught my interest, and your game gave me some inspiration to keep working on my own stuff.

Too bad wallflowers are ignored in the real world. This is why fantasy is always better!

Is this a kinetic visual novel, or does it have multiple endings?

I'd call it a lowkey kinetic novel. There's a true ending with possibilities of bad endings if you make poor decisions along the way. 

Well, it still HAS some ending variations / choices, so that's fine!

I get very bored with true kinetic novels, so I'd rather ask beforehand. Thanks!

Soo, I've played it!

It was really sweet. I'm not usually into fully realistic VNs, but the characters and story were really compelling. I also like the CG art a lot. 

I didn't get any bad ending along the way, so I guess I made the good choices overall!