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Oh. My. Gosh.

It was a very simplistic visual novel, but I can't stop smiling. If anything, I think that makes it better. I loved this story so much. I really love how each character has their own personality and I loved the flower bit because that was totally my cup of tea!

I just loved playing this so much. I hope you do something like this again because I would totally play through that as well. It was just really beautiful to watch all of the progression. Please keep it up! You have my support. :)


Thank you for this game ^^ it was nice, I wish the dating part was a bit longer.

When I was halfway through the game my antivirus software warned me this game had a virus called "IDP.Generic" and I had to delete it. Maybe it was a mistake, but just letting you know :/

However, what I got to play was rlly cute, I ship them way too much ^^

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Sorry you had this issue. But this game has been up for more than a year and I can certainly say that it contains no virus of any kind.

I did a little digging and it seems to be a false positive wherein the file isn't recognized by the antivirus so it does this classification

This was so cute uwu I couldn't keep myself from smiling ^_^

Glad you enjoyed it!! 😊

This is such a cute game :( I love it so much <3 great work

Aww thank you! Glad you liked it :')

Thanks a lot for this game ! The romance is heart-warming and the characters are very cute. In particular, I really liked the interactions between Ren and Takuma.

Also, I wonder if I missed something because I've only seen 5 CGs. I tried another few runs but I couldn't find how to get it

Great game, keep the good work up!


Thanks for giving it a chance! And I'll do my best :')

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Goodness, I'm with everyone else. I haven't played a lot of yaoi/shounen ai and had no idea what to expect in general with this game, but I definitely did not expect to love it this much. I was smiling the whole time playing this. I really enjoy your story telling and character development. It's not often anymore that I see this natural and beautiful progression of the story. It's been a long time since I've felt a VN make me feel the same sort of way this one did, nowadays I feel like a lot are missing heart but your game really had that something I've been missing in VNs. I really look forward to seeing what you make in the future, and would love to back any future projects if you crowdfund for or at least give support if you don't! Thank you for this little journey, and I hope you and/or your team never stop writing stories!

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Oh wow, that's really kind of you to say! It's heart-warming knowing that people enjoyed this little story of mine. A part of me feels like I don't deserve such high praise, but really, thank you for taking the time to play and leave a comment. ^^

And about crowd-funding, I probably won't go that route any time soon, but please do continue to support future releases!! :')


You definitely do deserve it! I wish more games were like yours nowadays to be honest. I will follow and support for sure!

Adbjdvf I love this game so much ♥

Thanks for playing <3 Glad you enjoyed it. 

This game is so cute! I love their personalities! Ren being grumpy and closed off but also caring and getting embarrassed was so adorable! And Taku trying to joke his way through things but being serious when it matters. Ai giving Ren space when she feels like he needs it but also doind something about it when she thinks he's sacrificing himself. The relationships were interesting and even though Taku's brother and Mira were minor characters I really like theirs. 

The art is great. I really liked the backgrounds. I mean, I liked all the art, but the backgrounds stood out to me though (maybe because I have trouble with them? haha). What program was used to make them?

Continuing on the things I like: the title. It works really well with people getting to know each other and growing closer. It also works really well with the ferris wheel scene ;)

Also, I was so invested in the story I cried a little bit. And squeaked.  It was such a good game, congratulations on doing it all in a month.

Knowing that you loved the game and the characters and who they are really makes me so happy.  Aaah. Personally I wish I could have written more for Ai, but it is what it is, woops.

Oh nooo. The backgrounds! I'm no good at them either, sadly. All praise goes to the royalty free assets. You can find most (if not all of the here --->

Random fact: My stupid brain kept spelling Ferris wheel all wrong and my CG artist had to set me straight haha.

Also thank you so much for playing and taking the time to leave a comment, it gives much positive affirmation and just all round motivation. 

OMG!!! I just played straight through and it was SUCH a good game. I didn't think I'd like Ren but he grew on me so much. Your character development is amazing, your storylines were engaging, and I really liked the art and music.

So happy that you made this! =tear=

Ahh, not gonna lie, I sometimes worried that I was making Ren a tad too awkward, but knowing that he reeled you in makes my day! ^^ And thank youfor all your kind words. :)

So glad that you gave this a chance! =happy tear=

I almost didn't see this because it wasn't technically NaNoReNo, but recognized you from Sister-Zoned and was like, "Yeah, I'm down for more of the same!" I love the character's zany antics on top of the romantic school setting. I laughed at every absurd moment ("Not the time or place, heart!") and d'awwed at every fuzzy feelings scene. Slow-burn romances 5ever. Loved this.

One weird bug/behavior I found: I got Achievements 1-5 but the 6th doesn't even display on the screen. Intended or error?

Ah yes, I used the NaNo motivation to finally light a fire inside myself and get this done haha.

I'm super glad you enjoyed it! Knowing that it made you feel things, makes me feel things. 

Thank you for giving this (and sister-zoned, omg) a chance. ^^ Really appreciate the support.  :)

Will definitely look into the achievement trouble.

Hi, as the status shown is "In development", just wanna confirm if this game is completed yet?

Ah yes. Its completely released. ^^ 

Thanks for bringing this mistake to my attention!

I thought that the story of this game was amazing!  It was so adorable! I love this game so much.  It was actually better than a couple other BL visual novels i'd played before that i'd spent money on!  I definitely am happy to have played it as it is so new!

Aww, that's really kind of you to say! ^o^ Thanks for giving this a chance and taking the time to leave a line here. 

Super glad that you enjoyed it(and thought that it was adorable, lol)

Really cool and beautiful game ^^! I really got into the story and enjoyed playing it from the very beginning to the end :D, wonderful job ^w^!

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Ahh, thanks for giving this a chance! <3

Really glad you enjoyed the uhm... journey(?) :')

Omg I just saw your reply ^^;;;...I'm sorry xD...anyway, don't mention it ^^! You're more than welcome, I really enjoyed playing :3.

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The premise of the game sounded interesting, so I decided to give it a try. I did NOT expect to love it as much as I do. I haven't even finished it yet (in fact, I think I'm still pretty early in), but I adore the characters and the relationships between them. GREAT writing and characterization!

Edit: Finished it. Loved it. Ren is adorable.

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Thank you for giving this game a chance and most importantly for taking the time to leave a review. This made my day.  I'm glad you liked it 

Also glad you liked Ren. I was wondering halfway through if he came across as too insufferable lol. 

Thanks again! 

I suppose he could come across that way to some people, but...he kinda reminds me of me, since I'm not very good with people either. ^_^;

One reason this story caught my eye was because it reminded me of one I've been writing on my own for the past few years (not for public consumption). My story involved a cheerful, happy-go-lucky guy take an interest in a depressed, quiet wallflower, and was largely about them becoming closer. The similarities definitely caught my interest, and your game gave me some inspiration to keep working on my own stuff.

Too bad wallflowers are ignored in the real world. This is why fantasy is always better!

Ah, the struggle is real.

Being a wallflower can backfire easily in the real world, yes (oops), but I generally always enjoy the journey in those kinds of stories, watching them slowly open up -albeit unwillingly and without realizing- It give me LIFE

Why not for public consumption? :3 ANSWERS

(PS- Sorry for the late reply. Real life crept at me)

Is this a kinetic visual novel, or does it have multiple endings?

I'd call it a lowkey kinetic novel. There's a true ending with possibilities of bad endings if you make poor decisions along the way. 

Well, it still HAS some ending variations / choices, so that's fine!

I get very bored with true kinetic novels, so I'd rather ask beforehand. Thanks!

Soo, I've played it!

It was really sweet. I'm not usually into fully realistic VNs, but the characters and story were really compelling. I also like the CG art a lot. 

I didn't get any bad ending along the way, so I guess I made the good choices overall!