A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


Given budget cuts, the girls' and boys' basketball team have been merged. Play as Reina as she struggles to keep her team afloat while constantly butting heads with Yano, the boys' team captain who also happens to be a not-so-distant classmate from elementary school.

It isn't easy, especially when it seems the coach treats them more like a group of managers than a full-fledged team. Can she gain recognition, manage to navigate matches while somehow also falling in love?


  • 20k words.
  • 2 CGs.
  • 3 Endings.
  • 6 Achievements
  • So MANY silhouettes.
  • A calendar system


Android Build Coming Soon!

Install instructions

Download the distribution appropriate to your platform.

Unzip the zipped package to any of your drives

Double click on the "Run n Gun" executable, found in your unzipped folder.


RunNGun-1.0-pc.zip 56 MB
RunNGun-1.0-mac.zip 39 MB


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I really LOVED THIS! It was really funny <3

Thank you so much for playing and your kind words! :')

Really appreciate it.


This is so good! Loved the jokes, and I can sense some strong tsundere vibes from Yano and Reina!

Thanks for playing and taking the time to comment! <3

And when one Tsundere isn't enough in the relationship, bring another one to intrude lowkey XD